On Freedom & Constitution Day

Today we celebrate Constitution Day commemorating the formation and signing of the U.S. Constitution by 39 brave men on September 17, 1787. On this, the birthday of our United States of America government, let’s remember that this document has insured our liberty for more than 200 years and celebrate the men whose brilliance in drafting and ratifying it has had the single greatest impact on freedom in the history of the world. Take a moment to read the bios of these men linked below and visit www.constitutionday.com to learn more and reflect upon this amazing document and those who crafted it.

The Founding Fathers

Baldwin, Abraham, GA
Bassett, Richard, DE
Bedford, Gunning, Jr., DE
Blair, John, VA
Blount, William, NC
Brearley, David, NJ
Broom, Jacob, DE
Butler, Pierce, SC
Carroll, Daniel, MD
Clymer, George, PA
Dayton, Jonathan, NJ
Dickinson, John, DE
Few, William, GA
Fitzsimons, Thomas, PA
Franklin, Benjamin, PA
Gilman, Nicholas, NH
Gorham, Nathaniel, MA
Hamilton, Alexander, NY
Ingersoll, Jared, PA
Jefferson, Thomas, VA
Jenifer, Daniel St Thomas, MD
Johnson, William Samuel, CT
King, Rufus, MA
Langdon, John, NH
Livingston, William, NJ
Madison, James, VA
McHenry, James, MD
Mifflin, Thomas, PA
Morris, Gouverneur, PA
Morris, Robert, PA
Paterson, William, NJ
Pinckney, C. Cotesworth, SC
Pinckney, Charles, SC
Read, George, DE
Rutledge, John, SC
Sherman, Roger, CT
Spaight, Richard Dobbs, NC
Washington, George, VA
Williamson, Hugh, NC
Wilson, James, PA


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