The Masculine provides safety & security

“A women’s NO has not been honored over the centuries. She has been ostracized, beaten, ignored, raped, chastised and left for dead when she stood up to say No.
It still happens. This collective pain still lives in the feminine nervous system and psyche. So is it any wonder why women would have a hard time saying no or sharing hard truths of their hearts to powerful men who yield control over their careers? Or even their romantic partner sometimes? Your value as a masculine partner is to feel what is unsaid and to help her express and own it. You will have to feel past her words and silence into her body and breath and heart. You will need to make it safe for her to say the things she is afraid to say. The withholds, judgements, resentments or just flat out rejections that might hurt your feelings. This is how we can as men, make it safe for women to share what is in their hearts. This is masculine leadership.”

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