5 Ways to Make the Second Half of Your Life Count

The last thing you want to think when you are on your deathbed is that at any time, you wasted life. Whether you’re at the beginning, middle, or end, you want to live fully. That is one thought I have had since I am moving into the second half of mine. It’s pretty much impossible to know for certain if you’re in the second half of your life. The definitive information isn’t available until you really don’t need it anymore. However, there is something undeniably pivotal about reaching your 40s and 50s and hearing that “it’s all downhill from here” (or something like that)
Regardless of exactly when the second half of your life begins, there’s absolutely no reason for anyone to fail to live with enthusiasm, resolve, and passion. Here are 5 ways to find meaning in the second half of your life.

1. Fine-tune your purpose.
Younger men invest so much energy in “getting ahead” and establishing a family that they sometimes forget to consider the “so what?” That “so what” is going to save you from a wasted life. It will help you shine despite the empty nest, retirement, and loss of professional focus.

“Don’t wait for meaning to come to you when there are so many needs that can benefit from your gifts.”

2. Seize the day.
Take some classes. Teach a class. Volunteer. Get involved in your grandchildren’s lives. Put the wisdom of your experience to good use. In other words, grab the opportunity and seize the day. Don’t wait for meaning to come to you when there are so many needs that can benefit from your gifts.

3. Arrive there in sound fiscal shape.
Prepare now for the second half of your life by making financial decisions that will free up your resources to serve your family and be generous to the world.

4. Love your family like never before.
By now, you’ve learned a lot about your own gifts and the particular needs of the people you love. Don’t waste this opportunity. Put that knowledge into practice and love your family with all the wisdom and skill that you now have.

5. Avoid slipping into maintenance mode over-performance mode.
Don’t fall into the trap of letting your guard down because all the hard work has already been done. No—if you are married, then fight for your wife’s love like never before. Get to know your kids all over again. Hone your existing skills and learn new ones. Continue to push the envelope. Invest in your education or faith or community like you never have before. Finish in a sprint.

source: All Pro Dad

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