4 Things to Focus on Because Your Daughter’s Watching

“I met my wife on the set of a short film I wrote the summer after high school graduation. I had a crush on her but tried keeping it to myself. While we worked together, she received a phone call and learned that her next-door neighbor, a sweet woman named Kay, who was sick, was about to pass away. Seeing her heart breaking, I did everything I could to get her to her beloved neighbor just in time to say goodbye. I learned later that my wife found my genuine care for her and her neighbor at this moment to be noble, a trait she said I had in common with her father. Do women date men like their dads? Yes, they do.
And now that I am a father of two girls, I wonder what kind of men they will date. All dads should reflect on this question: Do I want my daughter to end up with a guy like me, or should she aim higher? If she should aim higher, then it’s time to step up as her father. Daughters are naturally comfortable around men like their dads because of their exposure to their dads’ traits growing up—but with what qualities exactly is your daughter comfortable? Here are 4 things to focus on because your daughter is watching.” READ MORE

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