5 Social Norms That Will Stunt Your Son’s Growth Into Manhood

I visited a Catholic church during a recent trip to New York City. My wife and I attended Sunday morning mass and sat behind parents who had a two-year-old son. The boy was fidgety, bored, and confused by his surroundings. He behaved as any two-year-old would at church. The boy’s father undoubtedly was irritated by his son. But instead of telling the boy to be quiet, he would pinch him. The most upsetting aspect of this display of parenting came just before communion. The boy took notice of a profound moment and said aloud, “Wow! Who is that?” pointing toward the priest, who held up the Eucharist. Instead of answering the question, the kid’s father flicked his ear so hard that the boy started to cry. He then reprimanded his son: “Boys don’t cry.”

That boy’s dad probably was parenting the only way he knew how—which is probably how his father parented him. If we are unconscious of our inherited beliefs, they will determine the way we parent. And some of those beliefs are social norms that can destroy your son’s masculine identity and lead to stunted growth. Here are 5 social norms that will stunt your son’s growth into manhood.” READ MORE

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