Create A Crystal Clear Vision For Your Life

As men, our identity is closely aligned with the vision for our lives. It is critical to begin to clarify your vision and direction for your future after divorce. Doing so is part of our masculine makeup and the very thing that drives us each and every day.

Uncover Any Hidden Challenges That Could Be Sabotaging You

Oftentimes we are unaware of thoughts, beliefs, actions or habits that may be creating an outcome that is contrary to our desires. Identifying and strategizing better behaviors to achieve our goals will lead to tangible results.

Become Renewed, Re-Energized, and Inspired

Learning to work from a beneficial mental state no matter your life circumstances creates an environment conducive to success and produces positive outcomes.

‚ÄčAbout Me

Has your life been turned upside down due to divorce? Does everything feel chaotic and stressful?

Dads experience divorce differently and it is my mission to help them navigate through their lives during and after divorce and create an amazing life for themselves and their children.

I am Jude Sandvall and I am a divorced, single father of 3 children. My divorce and the subsequent years are a case study in facing and overcoming the most difficult challenges in learning to thrive after divorce. I’ve been through it all including the court process, co-parenting, dating with kids and more!

As an Integrative Wellness & Life Transformation Coach and Integrative NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner I use cutting-edge approaches to coaching dads. I will assist you in creating a crystal clear vision for your life after divorce, uncover any hidden challenges that may be sabotaging you, and leave you renewed, re-energized, and inspired. I achieve this through my customized 5-step process that I have utilized in my own life and successfully taught to other divorced dads.

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