Dads’ Guide to Divorce Step 2: Strategize Your Actions

In my last article “Dads’ Guide to Divorce: Step 1 — Clarify Your Vision” we spoke about how when entering into a divorce or beginning life post-divorce many men including myself struggle with clarifying a vision and direction for our lives. That as you sort through the emotions and feelings of divorce it is critical to begin to clarify your vision and direction for your future after divorce. This is important because as men our identity is closely aligned with the vision for our lives. And as part of our masculine makeup, we are wired toward aligning with the vision and direction that we want for our future.
I proposed a two-step process to assist in clarifying your vision and direction by #1: journaling and #2: a contemplative practice. If you haven’t read “Dads’ Guide to Divorce: Step 1-Clarifying Your Vision,” you can do so here. As these steps compound upon each other, I highly suggest stopping now and reading Step 1.
Once we have clarified our vision and direction, it is necessary to begin the process of Strategizing Your Actions. There seems to be much confusion these days around how to set goals and put forth the effort to achieve them. YouTube and self-help books are filled with ideas, tricks, hacks, and a myriad of other advice on how to do so. However, I subscribe to this simple 3-step process: READ MORE

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