How Do You Handle a Disrespectful Child?

How do you handle a disrespectful child? I’ve been asked that many times. And this is something we are dealing with in the Dungy house right now. One of our 11-year-olds is a great kid. He’s smart, outgoing, and tends to be the most compassionate person in our family. But he also has periods when he doesn’t quite get it. He loves us and understands we are the parents, but he has moments when he snaps back at us.

Perhaps you are dealing with the same thing in your house. Maybe you’re wondering how to handle it. What are the best ways to confront kids’ behavior and train them going forward? Here’s how to handle a disrespectful child.

Have patience.

I always have to remind myself to be patient. Kids have a hard time controlling their impulses. For me, praying helps my patience. Sometimes I’ll pray with my kids when they’re disrespectful. It has a calming effect for everyone.

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