Dads Guide to Divorce Step 1: Clarify Your Vision

When working with fathers entering into divorce or who have recently divorced there is a 5-step process through which I assist them in identifying and implementing an action plan for their lives. Throughout this Dads Guide to Divorce series I will be sharing this specific process with detailed ways in which you can utilized it in order to achieve an amazing life for you and your children.
Step 1 — Clarify Your Vision and Direction
When entering into divorce or beginning life post divorce many men including myself struggle with clarifying a vision and direction for our lives. Divorce is traumatic and men experience an immense amount of pain and suffering during the process. I know that I did and I want each of you to know that this is common. The feelings and emotions that come up are often overwhelming. The loss of your partner, not seeing your children, future uncertainty, financial fears, etc. are just the tip of the iceberg of a sea of feelings. Allow yourself to experience these emotions and feelings. You are not alone and if you have the means, find a coach or therapist that will assist you with sorting through them. If you don’t have the means find a support or men’s group. READ MORE…

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