5 Decisions That’ll Change Your Life

Theodore Roosevelt was on his way to deliver a campaign speech on October 14, 1912 when, according to History.com, a man by the name of John Schrank took a gun out and shot Roosevelt in the chest. Fortunately for Roosevelt, he had folded his 50-page speech and placed it in his coat pocket—which is the reason the bullet didn’t hit his lung or his heart. With the bullet lodged in his chest, he went on to deliver the speech. During it, he uttered a now-famous line: “It takes more than that to kill a bull moose.”

It’s crazy to think how history would be different had Roosevelt placed that speech on the other side of his chest or held on to it instead of putting it in his coat. It was a seemingly insignificant decision, but it had life-changing consequences. I’m not sure we always realize the significance of our decisions. Research says we make thousands of decisions every day, some seemingly more important than others. Some decisions (or lack of decisions) have a tremendous impact. Here are 5 potential life-changing decisions you can make every day.

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