5 Ways We Want Our Sons to Rethink Manhood

What do you think the signs of manhood are? Who do you think displays them? Your favorite professional athlete like Lebron James or Tom Brady? Or perhaps a mogul or business leader like Jay-Z or Elon Musk? Maybe you think of your own dad or grandfather. There are lots of characteristics and people we tend to associate with manhood. And some of these are really positive—but many are often unhelpful and even exaggerated.

We need to be intentional about helping our sons rethink manhood. If we aren’t, then they’re often going to absorb from our culture the most exaggerated but seductive messages: that “real” men have power, make lots of money, are “tough guys,” have frequent sex. I don’t know about you, but I want more for my son than any of these things. Here are 5 ways we want our sons to rethink manhood.

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