8 Fun Summer Ideas for Kids and Dads

My dad used the season of summer for fun bonding with me. In my elementary years, he would take me on sales call road trips with him. I loved every second of it. When I was 10, he took the entire month of July off and hauled my family from North Carolina to California and back in a conversion van. He took me to minor league baseball games, local fairs, beaches, and so many things I have no room to list. But what I loved the most was how he always called me “Little Buddy.” He could have just pushed me on a swing and it would have all had the same effect because I could feel his genuine affection.

Our children seek that type of feeling from us and this season begs us to provide it. Here are some fun summer ideas to help you get on that path of building those bonds that will last forever.

1. Build something.

Kids of all ages absolutely love to build things with their dad. I grew up in the 70s when building things with dad meant an education in colorful vocabulary, but I wouldn’t trade a minute of it. You can build a simple fort in the living room, an elaborate fort in the trees, or maybe even a lemonade stand. The point is to make it a priority to show your children how to create from imagination.

2. Hike in a national park.

All across our country America is busting with beautiful nature set aside to remain in a pure state. This is not only for the preservation of wildlife and the environment, but for us to be able to experience a world different from the cities and suburbs. Take advantage of this gift and get your children out in the clean air and on a hike to lifelong memories.

3. Visit weird regional attractions.

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