3 Traps That’ll Hurt Your Family

Every family knows how challenging it can be to walk into a store with young children. As soon as you start making your way down the aisles, your kids get bit by the bug of discontentment. “Mommy, can we get that?” “Daddy, I want one of those!” And before you know it, we’re either frustrated with a cart full of stuff we didn’t plan to buy or frustrated at saying no for the millionth time.

The ugly truth is that we’ve all had a discontent family at one point or another, and not just when we go to the store. Our entire culture is based upon the premise of discontentment. Manufacturers and commercials reinforce it and we see it in one way or another every day. And it sadly brings out the worst in us and our kids. Here are 3 traps that’ll lead to a discontent family.

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