5 Bad Ways to Respond in a Crisis

We had some unforeseen, unprecedented weather in our area a few years ago. It was colder than it had ever been, and the homes in our neighborhood were not built for this kind of weather. On top of that, the power went out almost everywhere. We were in a crisis. Water lines were breaking in almost every house, causing flooding and destruction. We went door to door helping people turn off their water and finding the leaks. We cleaned for days in freezing temps to help people in the middle of crisis.

Throughout history, we have seen great men rise to incredible standards during hard times. Some will say that those moments will make you or break you. It is not “if” but “when” a crisis will hit you, your family, or your community. How you handle it will determine a lot. Here are 5 bad ways to respond in a crisis.

1. Irrationally
When crisis hits, some of us become illogical or unreasonable in the middle of the situation. We act as if we’re going to face the worst-case scenario. But we have to fight against throwing away reason like that. Our response should be rooted in the reality of what is actually happening instead of in a scenario you’ve conjured up in your mind. In order not to be irrational, you have to ask yourself, “What do I know to be true?” This question can remind you to assess the situation and respond with truth, not senseless scenarios or absurd ways of thinking.

2. By Isolating
Men tend to lean into isolation as a natural defense against heartache. We avoid helping people and we avoid receiving help from others. It is much easier for us to distance ourselves than actually face what is going on around us. Don’t be that guy. Be the man who brings everyone together in the middle of a crisis and sees the opportunity to grow together. Your family will not remember what Dad did wrong in a crisis—they will remember when Dad was the glue that held everything together.

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