7 Things Every Teenager Needs to Hear


Raising kids is probably the most challenging thing I’ve ever done. Whenever it seems like I’m figuring things out, my kids enter a new phase of life. Facing a newborn was much more difficult than showing extra care for my pregnant wife. Dealing with a teething infant was much harder than those first few weeks with a newborn. This process has continued through the toddler years, childhood, and up into the most confusing challenge yet: raising a teenager.

Any parent raising a teenager seems to deal with the same conflict. Our teens want to be treated like adults, but we see the ways in which they aren’t ready for that. Although we need to be firm with our teens as we shape their character, we must also ensure we care for their hearts. One of the simplest ways to do this is by consistently repeating certain things to our teenage kids. Here are 7 things every teenager needs to hear.

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